Prayer-goer in ICU after getting hit by racing motorcycle

A police line bars access to a scene of a crime. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

An elderly man sustained critical injuries on Friday, after getting hit by a racing motorcycle as he walked home from the mosque after performing the Tarawih prayer.

The 67-year-old was hit by the motorcycle outside his home at around 08:00 pm on Friday, as he returned from the Masjid Rasheed, a three-story mosque located near his home.

The man’s son, Mohamed Saif wrote on Facebook on Monday that his further sustained critical injuries in the accident. He has a five-inch wound in his head and is suffering an intercranial hemorrhage.

He is currently being treated in the intensive care unit of the ADK Hospital in Male’ City.

“I thank the people who helped take my father to the hospital. And I also pray for better guidance to the people who just stood by as my niece cried for help,” he said.

Saif expressed concern over reckless driving, writing that while the person driving the motorcycle might not have deliberately hit his father, driving recklessly is a conscious choice.

“For god’s sake! Don’t drive so arrogantly. How many families must suffer permanent disabilities and mourn the loss of their loved ones due to these people! But the perpetrators of these crimes walk free, smiling happily,” he wrote.

“There’s no justice in this country. This is heaven for criminals.”

The police were not immediately available for comment regarding the case.