President questions MDP's bid for parliament majority

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu; he questioned why the public should elect MDP as parliament majority once again -- Photo/ President's Office

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has asked why Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) should be granted parliament majority for the next five-year period to fulfill pledges originally made during the previous administration.

He said this on Sunday evening during a rally held at Hulhumale' to inauguate the campaign hub of PNC candidate Hassan Waheed running for Thaa atoll Vilufushi constituency.

President Muizzu said is aware of MDP's campaign efforts to secure parliament majority once again, adding he was aware of the opposition party urging public to vote them.

"I do wonder, wasn't [MDP] the parliament majority right now and even since our government came to power," Muizzu said.

He claimed MDP did not fulfill its public pledges despite holding super majority for four months.

"Should MDP fulfill its pledges only after receiving super majority a second time," President Muizzu said. He requested the public to think thoroughly about the current political landscape before casting vote.

Muizzu said as parliament majority, MDP could push the government towards expediting plot issuance under Binveriya housing scheme; which had gone through various hindrances since its recipients were announced in late-2023.

"The party was the executive and legislative power for the last five years, but how do they explain the failure to allocate plots and housing units during this period and rushed for it with just a few months left to their presidency," the president added.

He stressed the former government left after inflating the national debt to MVR 120 billion.