HDC MD claims MVR 200 m to rectify land plot allocations

HDC Managing Director Fazul Rasheed; during the ceremony held to lay perimeter walls of Binveriya scheme plots on Saturday afternoon, Fazul said MVR 200 million will be incurred on redesigning problematic land plots -- Sun Photo: Mohamed Maavee

Managing Director of Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Fazul Rasheed, claimed MVR 200 million was required to rectify the land allocations issued by the former goverment under Binveriya scheme.

HDC earlier said some of these plots ran above key utility grids, including water and electricity, which would prospectively pose difficulties if and when these areas need to be dug.

The corporation also said this was particularly one of the major reasons why it was facing delays in issuing the plots to Binveriya scheme recipients.

A small ceremony was held on Saturday afternoon to launch plot allocation, where Fazul said HDC has already launched efforts to rectify the issues. He added MWSC was already reworking on the water grid designs as well.

Fazul added the main concern is the expenditure on redesigning the plots and utility grids.

"HDC had requested for necessary funds from the previous government as well, but it had not received the amount so far," Fazul added.

He further said clost to MVR 200 million will be spent on redesigning the allocations, as supported by the Binveriya scheme documents.

Under the scheme, several plots were issued as temporary sites, and others from plots already in use. Fazul said these plots have been repossessed by HDC for amendments.

HDC will only issue the plots to its recipients after completing the allotment; achieving by constructing an initial brick wall perimeter - which the corporation said will reduce the extensive duration between plot allocation.

After HDC raised concerns over the land allocations made by the previous administration, former state minister of the Ministry of Housing Akram Kamaluddin responded the plots were issued according to the land-use plan provided by the corporation.