Binveriya scheme plots allotted inclusive of roads

Some of the plots issued from Hulhumale' Phase II; HDC said some of these plots were wrongly allotted with adjoining roads or alleys included as part of them -- Photo/ HDC

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) on Monday, said some of the plots issued under the Binveriya Scheme, during the previous government, were allotted inclusive of the adjoining inner-roads.

In a video post shared by HDC, the corporation's Assistant Manager, Public Relations, Mohamed Siraj confirms they were currently allocating plots to eligible recipients of the scheme, and added outer walls are being constructed in some of them.

Siraj, however, noted that due to some of the plots allocated by including adjoining roads, the allotment of these plots to their recipients was facing challenges. In the video, a presentation of a plot allocated in said manner was presented as well.

"Due to the road [being part of the plot] the water, sanitation and electricity grids all pass through the plot," Siraj said.

He said recipients receiving such plots should be given alternative plots, and added the misallocated plots should be reallotted.

"We, here at HDC, assure to resolve these land allotment discrepancies and provide correctly allotted plots to all the recipients," Siraj added.

With 18,955 eligible applicants under the first phase of the Binveriya Scheme, the previous government, announced an issuance of 9,003 plots to all of them. The plots would be issued from Hulhumale', Gulhifalhu, and Giraavarufalhu.