Pres establishes cyber security agency

During the cabinet meeting held on March 17th, 2024 -- Photo/ President's Office

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Monday has established the 'National Cyber Security Agency' under the mandate of Ministry of Homeland Security.

President's Office in a statement said the agency was established under the constitutional rights bestowed to the president, and added the new government entity will run under the supervision of the Homeland Security Ministry.

The agency is established towards enhancement of cyber security of public entities and private individuals, President's Office added. The agency will act as a national focal point on creating a national guideline on cyber security and safety standards as well.

Additionally, the agency will be responsible in capacity and infrastructure development to ensure robust improvement in cyber security measures at a national scale. It would also assist other government bodies in strengthening their cyber security protocols.

Minister of Homeland Security, Ali Ihusan thanked President Muizzu for establishing the cyber security agency, and assured the agency will engage in prompt action in line with its mandate.

While President Muizzu has established a designation agency to counter cyber security threats, Maldives Police Service recently cracked down on a large online criminal network.

Besides blocking pornographic websites in the Maldives, the current administration is actively restricting unregistered news sites and blogs as well.

Earlier, a group of Indian hackers had targeted websites of several government entities following a dispute between the Maldives and India.