MDFA reminds standards for egg storage

Egg is among the most in-demand commodities among Maldivian consumers -- Photo/ Mohamed Afrah

Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has reminded the public on the standards to store eggs; a high-demand commodity especially during Ramadan.

MFDA said the method and manner of storing eggs can lead to preparation of unhealthy meals, and implored to make check eggs properly before buying them.

According to the authority, consumers should check certain qualities in eggs before they purchase the item, which include;

  • Inspecting if eggs have decoloration or smudges on the outer shell
  • Prioritize buying eggs kept in well refrigerated condition, or in cool temperatures
  • Avoid buying expired eggs
  • Avoid washing eggs, which could result in the intrusion of germs or chemicals
  • Refrigerate eggs separately to avoid them mixing with other food items
  • Maintain necessary temperature in meals that require raw eggs in ingredients; which should not be kept out of refrigeration in excess of two hours

Egg is one of the most commonly used food item in local households, and are often used in multiple different meals.