Common cold cases drop in February

Patients near Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital -- Sun File Photo/ Fayaz Moosa

Health Protection Agency (HPA) reports cases of dengue fever, common cold, influenza, and diarrhea declined in February 2024.

HPA said 115 dengue fever cases were reported in February, which is a reduction from 145 cases reported in January. The agency also confirms dengue fever cases stood at 155 in February 2023; indicating notable decline in the disease.

The health agency urges public to cover the skin, use mosquito repellent creams and lotions, and to close doors and windows during dawn and dusk - when mosquito activities increase - as preventive measures against dengue fever.

HPA advises patients with dengue fever to take proper rest, increase fluid intake, and use painkillers through doctor's supervision.

 According to the health agency, 29,170 cases of common cold were reported last month compared to 29,764 cases reported in January 2024.

In annual terms, inluenza cases stood at 99, with 31 of them testing positive in February. HPA confirms acquiring 269 samples to test for influenza last month.

Diarrhea cases dropped from 5,400 in January to 5,148 cases last month.

As per HPA, preventive measures against diarrhea and nausea include;

  • Washing hands properly before and after eating
  • Boiling food properly to remove any impure element before consumption
  • Boil bottled water or tap water before consumption
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in places where food is prepared

The highest increment in dengue fever cases were reported from Haa Alifu, Raa, Kaafu, and Laamu atolls as well as Addu City; in terms of cases per every 10,000 people of the population.

Common cold cases increased mainly at Baa, Lhaviyani, Kaafu, Alifu Alifu, Meemu and Dhaalu atolls.