Parliament condemns Local Governance Minister's speech

Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works, Adam Shareef---

The parliament on Thursday, has condemned Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works, Adam Shareef for his latest public speech.

The minister, while speaking at Meemu atoll Dhiggaru, said he was controlling the urge from assaulting the current MPs for their behavior inside the parliament.

Parliament in response released a statement, noting the minister's remarks could instigate acts of violence aimed at lawmakers.

The parliament further said such language is not befitting the image of a minister, and was viewed as a potential cause that would endanger the safety of MPs according to Speaker Mohamed Aslam.

"... the parliament is deeply concerned that a minister's language could instigate violence towards parliament MPs," the statement read.

Parliament also condemned this act, due to the minister's statement made in the presence of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

While President Dr. Muizzu is on a tour of the central Maldives, he makes regular mention of the upcoming parliamentary election, and urges the public to elect pro-government candidates.

The minister's speech has been condemned by the parliament at a time when Noonu atoll Kendhikulhudhoo council issued a critique against the president's recent visit to the island. Local Government Authority (LGA), however, ordered the council to annul its statement. The attorney general more recently, said LGA lacked the authority to issue such an order.