President: Ungoofaaru to be developed as an urban centre

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu at R. Ungoofaru. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu states R. Ungoofaru will be developed as one of seven regions being developed as an urban centre.

The President traveled to Ungoofaru this morning as part of his ongoing visit to the atolls to meet the general public.

Ungoofaru Council President Abdulla Rasheed relayed various difficulties faced by the island’s residents during a meeting the President held with the residents. In this trajectory, he appealed to allocate an uninhabited island to undertake industrial works and to address housing difficulties as well as space constraints at the island’s school.

Responding to the appeal – President Muizzu assured his administration would resolve all the difficulties conveyed.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu meets R. Ungoofaru Council. (Photo/President's Office)

“Today, I reiterate that all these pledges had been made because I will fulfill them, and because I want to honor them. Today, I assure you that all tasks necessary for the development of the island, as stated previously, will be undertaken by the will of the Almighty,” he said.

In this regard, he affirmed that the space constraints faced at Ungoofaru School will be resolved. For this purpose, he announced plans to construct an additional 16 classrooms at the school in next year’s state budget.

“By will of Almighty, will undertake all efforts necessary to change [the school] to one session,” he added.

Speaking further, President Muizzu said efforts will be undertaken to shift the jurisdiction of R. Ungulu, a neighboring uninhabited island, to Ungoofaaru Council, subject to clarification of whether the island has been leased to any party or whether there are any ongoing court cases with respect to the island. He said efforts in this trajectory will be commenced following his meeting with Ungoofaru Council. 

“As desired by the residents of this island, that island [Ungulu] will be handed over to you,” he said.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu at R. Ungoofaru. (Photo/President's Office)

Ungoofaru Council President had also requested to hand over of Ungulu’s jurisdiction to the council.

“Have pledged to develop seven urban centres in Maldives. This island will be one of them,” President Muizzu went on to say.

Underscoring Ungoofaru as an island frequented by other islanders for medical and other purposes – the President affirmed to pave the path for further development of the island. 

President Muizzu is presently touring the islands of Raa Atoll as apart of his ongoing visit to the atolls. He is accompanied by a high-level delegation of the government.