Fire breaks out near ADK

Local authorities were active near Majeedhee Magu-Sosun Magu intersection to extinguish a large fire that broke out from a Henveiru district residence on Saturday evening, March 02, 2024 -- (Photo/ Moosa Nadheem)

A fire broke out near the Maajeedhee Magu-Sosun Magu intersection on Saturday evening, March 02, 2024.

Photographs and videos circulating on social media indicate the fire has broken out from a building near Masjid-ul-Ibrahimi intersection, which was later confirmed as the first floor of Henveiru Sangureyzge.

As per sources, the fire broke out around 18:10 on Saturday evening and was fully extinguished at 18:23.

Local authorities including MNDF Fire and Rescue and Maldives Police Service were active on site to extinguish the fire and redirect the traffic and onlookers.

So far, there were no injuries reported from the incident.

Previously, another residence near the same neighborhood became ground zero for a deadly fire that claimed the life of one.