Air Ambulance can carry max 2 patients at once

Minister of Transport Mohamed Ameen inspects the preparations of air ambulances-- (Photo: Maldivian)

Minister of Health Dr. Abdulla Khaleel has said a maximum of two patients can be carried at once on the air ambulance, which is poised to commence on March 01, 2024.

While speaking at the press conference held by the ministry on Thursday, February 29, 2024, the provided details of the responsibilities the ministry was tasked with addressing within the Hafthaa-14 (Week-14) objectives.

According to Dr. Khaleel, two Island Aviation aircraft; a domestic plane and a seaplane, will be utilized for the air ambulance services.

He also shared optimism of expanding air ambulance services in the future.

"... Within two hours from the time we make request, Sri Lankan authorities will permit air ambulances to carry patients there. Through this process, we will be able to expand the destinations as well," the minister said.

"I acknowledge India's role as a close ally to the Maldives, so I believe we will be able to extend the service there in the future."

Dr. Khaleel confirmed the equipment that will be installed and used in the ambulances were donated by Ooredoo Maldives and Manta Air.

He affirmed the state did not incur additional expenses in transforming the planes into air ambulances.

Besides the air ambulance service commencement on coming Friday, Dr. Khaleel highlighted other achievements of the ministry falling within the Week-14 objectives.

These include commencing the development of new laboratories in four islands. While noting that 77 more islands require laboratories, the minister affirmed it will be developed in the next two to three months.

Each laboratory will have the capacity of conducting 15 different medical examinations or tests.