Forum on Tue eve marking National History Day

The moment of silence held by Dhivehibahuge Academy commemorating National Unity Day-- Photo: Dhivehibahuge Academy

Dhivehibahuge Academy will host a special forum commemorating the National History Day

The special forum will be held at the event hall of the Islamic University of the Maldives (IUM) at 20:30 on Tuesday evening, February 27.

The day is marked on February 27 every year with the aim of building a nation compassionate towards the nationalistic identity and culture of the Maldives.

The National History Day is marked commemorating the works and contributions of Hassan Thajuddeen, who wrote the first historical account of the Maldives. The historian passed away on February 27, 1727.

Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed will be speaking at the event as the Chief Guest, which would be followed by a panel discussion. The panel discussion will consist of Sheikh Ibrahim, Abbas Ibrahim, and MNDF retired Jaufar.