Missing woman located shortly after announcement

Mariyam Ramiza, 36, Dhunburimaage. Dh. Meedhoo, who was reporting missing.

Police states the woman from Dh. Meedhoo who they had announced as missing earlier Thursday has now been located.

The woman, identified as Mariyam Ramiza, 36, Dhunburimaage. Dh. Meedhoo, was reported missing at approximately 8:37pm last night.

Police said Ramiza was located at approximately 11:40am this morning, adding she was in good health.

The announcement seeking public assistance to locate Ramiza was made less than an hour earlier,  before just 11:00am.

As per the Police, she was last seen by her family at her current address Luckyshop, Vilimale’, on Tuesday, January 23rd, at approximately 9:00pm.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of missing persons cases reported; often the person in question gets in contact with their family shortly after police make public announcements seeking to locate them.