Democrats: Chose not to remain with govt. because our policies were not accepted

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and The Democrats' leader Hassan Latheef. (Photo/President's Office)

The Democrats, on Wednesday, said they chose not to work alongside the government because the party’s policies, put forth on several occasions, were rejected by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Speaking at a joint press conference with MDP on Wednesday, The Democrats’ leader Hassan Latheef said they defected from MDP and formed a new party because they did not agree with MDP’s policies.

He went on to remark that disagreeing with some things does not correspond to not accepting the remaining things.

Hassan Latheef said The Democrats’ terms of working with the government do not amount to giving political posts in the government for the party’s members.

Rather, he said the party had proposed some policies and beliefs they were inclined to. If accepted, Hassan Latheef said the party would have remained with the government.

However, Hassan Latheef said the discussions with the government regarding working together had come to a stop, following which they decided against working with the government, as the policies and beliefs they had proposed to the president during the transitional phase and after assuming office had been rejected.

“I do not see any leeway for The Democrats to support this administration if they are taking this path,” he said.

Hassan Latheef said President Muizzu, after assuming office, had not aligned his actions in accordance with his pledges. He particularly addressed how the administration’s foreign policies have been shaped.

On this note, he stressed that foreign policy decisions were being made in a manner that would create conflicts with a neighboring country; something he described as unwise.

Underscoring that the adverse impact of this was being witnessed, he said a responsible government would not act in such a manner.


At Wednesday’s joint press conference, MDP and The Democrats announced their decision to collaborate on the parliament front to hold the government accountable.