Azim calls to halt shifting Council projects to Ministry

Male' Mayor-elect Adam Azim. (Photo/MDP)

Male Mayor-elect Adam Azim has called to cease the efforts to shift several major projects undertaken by the council to Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure; a decision taken by the ruling coalition dominated council at Wednesday’s meeting.

Male’ City Council, at the 130th meeting of the fourth session held on Wednesday, decided on multiple proposals put forth regarding its projects.

The President’s Office’s Principal Secretary to the President on Corporate Development Mohamed Shahid who had been in charge of the council’s projects earlier, had participated in Wednesday’s meeting during which he proposed to handover some of the projects to the relevant ministry to expedite them.

The council, where the ruling coalition holds the majority, approved the proposal as put forth with the support of 10 out of 100 councilors who participated in the meeting. One councilor had abstained from voting.

Criticizing the decision on Wednesday night via a post on X – Azim said Male’ residents have showcased how they wished matters related to the city to proceed during Saturday’s Male’ mayoral by-election.

“I also call on the government to halt efforts by ministerial-level officials at the President’s Office to snatch the council’s projects in direct violation of the eighth chapter of the Maldivian constitution and the Decentralization Act,” he said.

He also called to halt the enforcement of Wednesday’s decision till he assumes the responsibilities of the Male’ mayor.

Azim is scheduled to take oath of office on Monday.

Prior to this, he has repeatedly said his policies are also that of the government and pledged to provide full cooperation to the government.