13 apprentices graduate from last year’s Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program

A capture from the graduation of Dhiraagu's Apprenticeship Program on January 17, 2024. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

Dhiraagu, on Wednesday night, held the graduation ceremony for the participants of Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program 2023 which saw the graduation of 13 apprentices.

The ceremony was special guested by Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusaan. Other attendees included Minister of State for Homeland Security and Technology, Dr. Mohamed Kinaanath, board members and senior management of Dhiraagu and heads of educational institutions.

13 apprentices were awarded certificates upon the successful completion of the program at the ceremony. The ceremony also saw Dhiraagu welcome 21 apprentices enrolled in this year’s intake.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Ihusaan congratulated the graduates. He highlighted Dhiraagu as a leading company in the national corporate social responsibility landscape, further stating that this program provides key avenues to increase the development and skillset of Maldivian youth.

Dhiraagu’s CEO, MD Ismail Rasheed who also spoke at the ceremony also congratulated the graduates and conveyed his best wishes to the new batch of apprentices.

A capture from the graduation of Dhiraagu's Apprenticeship Program on January 17, 2024. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

He further highlighted that empowering youth and providing them with opportunities to grow and develop is a key focus of Dhiraagu’s CSR program which contributes to the company’s vision of creating a truly inclusive, sustainable ‘Digital Raajje.’

Dhiraagu Apprenticeship Program, which began in 2009, has seen the enrollment of over 269 youths to date. It marked the first such corporate apprenticeship program introduced in the Maldives, which focuses on developing employability skills in Maldivian youth.

The program, through a structured a structured training program, soft skills development training, and with the opportunity to work in multiple core business areas of Dhiraagu, helps provide the apprentices a key pathway towards a successful career. Apprentices can work in Male' as well as various Dhiraagu Regional Operations Centers across the nation.