90 cases of violence against children reported in October alone

Protesters hold an anti-rape rally in Male' City. (Sun File Photo/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

The Ministry of Social and Family Development states 90 cases of violence against children were reported to the ministry in October alone.

As per the Ministry, they received and attended a total of 205 cases in October.

Out of the 205 cases, 90 cases pertained to violence against children. Their details are as follows;

  •         Witness to Domestic Violence – 25
  •         Physical Abuse – 19
  •         Sexual Abuse -16
  •         Negligence – 13
  •         Victims of Bullying and Harassment – 5
  •         Emotional Abuse – 4
  •         Victims of Cyber Bullying – 3
  •         Blackmail – 1
  •         Others – 2

Four children were brought under state care in October bringing the total number of children under state care at the end of October to 164 children; 94 boys and 70 girls. One child was placed with a foster family during October and three children were reintegrated with their families.

Fifteen cases of behavioral problems among children were reported in October; five cases of temper tantrums, four cases of refusal to attend school, three cases of perpetrators of bullying and three cases of disciplinary issues.

Two cases of children in conflict with the law were also reported in October.

Meanwhile, 36 cases of gender-based violence and domestic violence were reported in October. They include 16 cases of emotional or verbal abuse, 15 cases of physical abuse, three cases of intimidation, one case of sexual abuse and one case of rape.

The Ministry provided care and support for 14 persons with disabilities and three elderly persons.

They also attended to 21 cases of self-harming and suicidal behavior.