EC’s Fuad abandons plans to resign after differences resolved

Elections Commission (EC)'s chairman Fuad Thaufeeq (C) speaks to press on July 12, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

Elections Commission (EC) chairman Fuad Thaufeeq has abandoned his plans to resign, saying that the past differences between him and fellow elections commissioners had been resolved.

It comes a day after he said he was considering tendering his resignation in face of alleged harassment from three members of the commission.

Fuad told Sun on Monday that the differences had now been all but resolved, and that he was no longer facing any difficulties.

Fuad added that he had decided he would resign after the presidential election if the internal conflict within the commission – which culminated into three of the commission’s members demanding his resignation – remained unresolved.

He said that the situation has since improved, and he is no longer considering tendering his resignation.

Fuad said he hopes for all of the commission’s members to work closely together in the coming days.

I am confident that all members will extend their cooperation, he said.

The EC has five members. Relations between Fuad and three of the members frayed during the resignation of the new political party, Democrats.

The difference in opinion regarding the registration of the party resulted in a delay in the process. And Fuad was accused of being biased in favor of Democrats.

The three members who sought Fuad’s resignation are; Dr. Mohamed Zahir, Ali Nashath, and Mohamed Asif.

But despite the differences, the presidential elections had gone smoothly, with international observers praising the EC for its election arrangements.