Male’ City gets back landmark clock tower

Maafannu Gadiburu, before and after reconstruction.

The historic land mark Gadiburi, a clock tower that once sat in the middle of the bustling Male’ City, has been reconstructed with some modern touches.

The work was carried out by Rasheed Carpentry and Construction (RCC).

Former Male’ City councilor Adam Rameez previously told Sun that the project was contracted to RCC as part of a CSR initiative by a company.

But he declined to disclose the identity of the company.

Rameez said the city council did not spend on the project.

He estimates the project cost around MVR 1 million.

Maafannu Gadiburu.

The clock tower, while it has yet to be officially reopened, is being lit up every night, with the LED panels around the tower displaying various vibrant imagery.

The tower is designed in its original Islamic themes, with a dome on top, and four clocks on four sides, as it sits in the junction of Fareedhee Magu, Fandiyaaru Magu, Orchid Magu, and Funa Goalhi.