Newly elected Parliament Speaker Aslam assures fairness

Former parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed congratulates newly elected parliament speaker Mohamed Aslam. (Photo/Velidhoo MP Mohamed Shafeeg)

Newly elected Parliament Speaker Mohamed Aslam, on Monday night, has assured to be fair and to protect the rights of the lawmakers while presiding over the 19th parliament, for its remaining period.

Addressing lawmakers after assuming the post, Aslam stressed that he would need cooperation from all members and political parties to carry out his responsibilities.

“I assure you all that I will remain steadfast in protecting the rights of all members and the interests of Maldivian citizens in fulfilling my responsibilities,” he said.

Aslam also said he will undertake all efforts, to his best capacity, to ensure the remainder of the 19th parliament proceeds productively, adding he will be committed to ensure these works proceed in accordance with the parliament’s regulations and the constitution.

He also thanked former speaker Mohamed Nasheed for his service to the parliament.

“From the bottom of my heart, I also thank all members of the parliament for placing their trust in me and electing me by a great margin,” he added.

Newly elected parliament speaker Mohamed Aslam addresses the parliament.

Nasheed had initially wanted to elect Aslam as the speaker for the 19th parliament. On the contrary, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wanted to elect Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef. After disagreements, it was Nasheed, who in the end, went to become the speaker.

Aslam became the speaker following Nasheed’s resignation.

It was a vote between Aslam from MDP, which holds the parliament’s majority, and Central Henveiru MP Ali Azim from the minority party The Democrats.

Aslam won the secret vote held between the two, who also serve as the parliamentary group leaders of their respective parties.

While a total of 77 MPs voted; Aslam led with 55 votes. Meanwhile, Azim received 23 votes.