Land from Addu City to be handed over to recipients at end of this month

Addu City. (Photo/Times of Addu)

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar states recipients who received land from the city will be handed over their respective plots at the end of this month.

Applications for land from Addu City opened in February of this year, marking the first time land is being issued from the city in years.

Applications were initially opened 1,000 land plots; 500 from Hithadhoo district and 500 from Feydhoo, Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo districts.

Over 4,000 individuals submitted applications for land during the application period, as per Addu City Council. Alongside their decision to issue land to all eligible applicants, Addu City Council publicized the list of recipients in August.

Speaking to Sun on Wednesday, Addu Mayor Nizar Ali Nizar said efforts were underway, at a top speed, to handover the land plots to their recipients within this month, with the work expected to be completed by the end of the month, to initiate the handover.

“At the end of this month. Handover of land will commence around 20th – 25th of this month after completion of the work,” he said.

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar.

Many had raised concerns over the delays in the evaluation of the forms despite the applications for land opening and closing early this year. Addu City Council said the evaluations were delayed as the closure of applications coincided with the school holidays.

Another issue that Addu City Council attributed to the delay was the fact that some of the land plots set to be issued were located on muddy land. This is with respect to plots in Hithadhoo and Feydhoo districts. Addu City Council staff had undertaken efforts to pour sand over the muddy land to resolve this.

While land plots are set to be issued from Addu City for the first time in years in order to resolve the housing constraints – developments of flats at the city are also underway in this trajectory.

The government, in this regard, is presently undertaking the development of 275 flats in Addu City.

Mayor Nizar said the foundations of 75 out of the 275 flats are almost complete as of now.

“Have commenced work on the pillars following this. Site has been handed over to the contractor awarded the project. Contractor has arrived in Addu as well. They are undertaking efforts to clear the site now,” he said.

“Physical work is expected to commence fully within this month,” he added.

Land was last issued from Addu City in 2002.