Police: No case filed claiming negligence in Abdul Rasheed’s death

Abdul Rasheed Mohamed, the man who died in a collision between a launch and a boat on October 28, 2023. (Photo/Ahmed Rilwaan)

Maldives Police Service, on Sunday, said no case has been filed with the authority claiming negligence in the death of Abdul Rasheed Mohamed, 68, who died from injuries as a result of a collision between a fishing vessel and speedboat near HA. Ihavandhoo on October 28th.

The collision occurred as Abdul Rasheed was out fishing with his son near Ihavandhoo. Abdul Rasheed, who has been a fisherman for over years, had been the one driving the boat at the time of the collision. He fell off board the vessel after he was hit by the speedboat.

His son, Ali Shareef, recalled Abdul Rasheed’s final moments to Sun in sorrow. In this regard, he said his father died due to the negligence of “some people”, pointing the finger at those who were aboard the speedboat which collided with the fishing vessel.

Shareef said those aboard the speedboat left, ignoring Abdul Rasheed’s plea of cries. He also stressed that those aboard the speedboat, when giving information to Ihavandhoo police and health centre, confirmed they were aware that someone had fallen into the sea and that they had heard someone calling out.

Police, on Sunday, said no party, including Abdul Rasheed’s family, has filed a case claiming negligence.

However, they said they would nevertheless investigate whether anyone had been negligent in providing assistance to Abdul Rasheed.

Sun has been unable to obtain a comment from the people aboard the speedboat as their identity remains unconfirmed.