Man hit by speedboat in Gemanafushi dies

An aerial shot of G.A Gemanafushi. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shafeeu)

A man who was hit by a speedboat while snorkeling off GA. Gemanafushi to fish has died.

Police said had ventured into the waters to fish using a metal rod.

He was hit by a speedboat on its way to enter Gemanafushi lagoon.

They identified him as a 45-year-old Maldivian. Police said the man was already deceased when he was taken to the hospital after the collision.

Member of Gemanafushi Council Ibrahim Sharfaaz said the incident occurred approximately between 10:30pm and 10:00pm tonight.

He detailed that the group of people from A. Kanduhulhudhoo had been fishing at the time of the incident, identifying the deceased as a native of the island.

“The remaining people got out of the water after leaving two people to purchase items such as tins. The incident occurred during this interval,” he said.

Sharfaaz said the collision occurred near the middle of the channel. He confirmed no Gemanafushi local was injured in the incident.

Kanduhulhudhoo Council President Thoriq Afeef told Sun that the family of the deceased has now traveled to Gemanafushi and is at the hospital.

“I am also inside the hospital at the moment. The family will assume custody and decide how to proceed,” he added.

Thoriq said the family will assume custody after the hospital and the police complete their investigations, following which they will decide on arrangements to transport the body to the island.

A 68-year-old man died last week after being injured in a collision between a launch and a boat in Haa Alifu Atoll.