Firuzul: Important for work on budget to proceed at the parliament at this time

Mohamed Firuzul, the spokesperson of the president-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's office holds a press conference on October 9, 2023.

The Office of the President-Elect, citing the work on the budget as the important work pending at the parliament at present, has stressed on the importance of allowing the work to proceed.

Spokesperson of the Office of the President-Elect Firuzual Abdulla Khaleel at a press conference on Tuesday, expressed concern over some matters.

One such thing he expressed concern over was the obstruction of work on the budget from proceeding at the parliament.

Firuzul is referring to MDP MPs, who hold the majority in the parliament, obstructing any other works of the parliament proceeding without concluding the no-confidence motion filed by the party against Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

The spokesperson said it was high time for the work on the budget to proceed at the parliament, as it is closely linked with the public’s interest. Therewith, he expressed concern over work on the budget being stalled.

He urged the three powers of the state to collaboratively work to ensure no work remains stalled.

“We urge the three powers of the state to collaborative work, within the confinements of law, to resolve this. It is our hope,” he said.

He said not only the budget for the next year was pending, but also the supplementary budget for the remainder of the year was also pending.

Firuzul reiterated that the president-elect’s plan was to maintain the state budget below MVR 49 billion in 2024.

The spokesperson’s remarks come after the parliament’s minority leader Ali Azim, a member of The Democrats, had accused MDP of working to sabotage the incoming government.

The Finance Ministry submitted the state budget forecasted for next year on Monday. However, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer will not attend the parliament to present the budget.