IAC: People trust us because we are transparent

Some of IAC's top officials. (Photo/IAC)

International Aid Campaign (IAC) states that it discloses all its audits, reports and other documents, adding that their transparency is the reason they receive such huge cooperation from the Maldivian people.

IAC – one of the biggest Maldives-based aid agencies – has been hit with allegations of lack of transparency.

An official from IAC told Sun on Monday that it is not the NGO’s standard policy to address allegations raised by anonymous social media accounts.

The official insisted that the organization disclosed all audits and other financial statements required by law, and will continue to do so.

One of the biggest critiques of IAC is the anonymous X account ‘Hassan Kurusee’.

The IAC official insists that the organization hasn’t conducted any undocumented financial transactions.

 He said that the cooperation the IAC receives from the Maldivian people is a trust based on recognition of the organization’s transparency.

The IAC provided assurance it has not tried to conceal any documents.

The IAC official noted that the organization is a registered NGO, and provided assurance it will disclose all necessary documents with the authorities, and with the general public.

The organization also promised to be more transparent with respect to the utilization of funds, moving forward.

The IAC has run over 2,000 projects in 26 countries.