Teen boy dies after fall from Hiyaa apartment

Police cordon off the area after teen boy falls from Hiyaa tower six in the early hours on October 8, 2023. (Sun Photo/Muaviyath Anwar)

A teen boy has died after falling from a Hiyaa Flat apartment in the early hours of Sunday.

Hulhumale’ Hospital confirmed the boy’s death to Sun, detailing doctors declared him dead at approximately 12:42am.

Sun has learned that the boy fell onto a car parked near the tower. There was a large pool of blood around the car, witnesses reported.

Police said they were informed of a 15-year-old boy falling from a Hiyaa Flat apartment at approximately 11:58pm on Saturday night. They detailed that the boy had fallen from the 12th floor of Hiyaa tower six.

Police said the case is under further investigation.