Muizzu: Competent individuals will get chance from cabinet irrespective of political ideology

From the official meeting between Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, and President-Elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu on October 3, 2023. (Photo/Majlis)

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has remarked he will give opportunities for individuals who will listen to him and obey his orders while making appointments to the cabinet and senior posts in the government, “to the extent possible”, adding he will not sideline anyone in light of their political ideology. 

In an exclusive interview to Sun, Muizzu said despite the absence of an agreement with The Democrats, he acknowledges the work that has been carried out collaboratively.

“We have no agreement with Democrats’ members. Even on an unofficial level, there is no specific agreement between us. But they had undertaken a lot of work, both in party centers at Male’ and islands. I acknowledge and accept that,” he said.

He added that he will form a “clean government” which will include “competent” individuals from The Democrats “to the extent possible”.

Muizzu said appointments to his administration will be made in consideration of representation from as many citizens as possible – adding that the public will be assured of the competency of his appointees in carrying out their responsibilities when they appear before them.

In this trajectory, he detailed that his cabinet would include individuals of both genders, who are educated and competent.

Muizzu also said he will be appointing individuals who he believes can work to the extent desires, in the manner he desires, when serving the nation.

The president-elect noted that opportunities will be provided for political parties working alongside him.

“I want to move forward with those who are working through an official coalition or providing assistance in an unofficial capacity. Because it is the best course of action for the nation. The push given will be much stronger if more people are working together to address the major issues in the nation,” he said.

He stressed the importance of working alongside the greatest number of people possible when prioritizing the nation.

However, Muizzu said such individuals must agree to his conditions and comply with certain characteristics set out by him.

“Will not appoint an individual who my words will have no power over. I am trying to do serious work. The individual seeking the approval of another; for example, an individual from another party seeking the approval of the party’s leader to undertake a task will not be appointed by me,” he said.

He provided assurance that MNP and MDA which backed his candidacy in the second round will also be included while making appointments to his cabinet and senior government posts.

Muizzu’s remarks regarding Democrats come after the party’s driving force, parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed, on Wednesday, said that he will have a role in Muizzu’s administration.