Large area of Maldives experiencing rough seas and rain

A boat travels through rough seas. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Meteorological Service has said today that a large area of Maldives is experiencing rough seas and stormy weather.

Met Office said  heavy rains and rough seas will prevail in the central and northern parts of the country over the next 24 hours.

Met Office said that there will be thunder and lightning with rain in central and northern Maldives and that the seas in this area will be moderately rough.

They also said that winds will be between eight and 18 mph in the central and northern Maldives.

However, the weather is better for the southern islands compared to the northern and central atolls. Met Office said that the weather will be generally better in the southern atolls although the area will be slightly affected by the storm.

Police have also urged the public to be vigilant as the weather is getting worse. The police have adviced to ensure that the vessel meets the safety requirements, do not carry more people or cargo than the legal capacity.

Police also asked seafarers to check the latest weather updates. 

Police have also urged people using the roads to be cautious of the weather as well.