Several decisions by president among election-related complaints submitted to ACC

A capture from a campaign rally of main ruling MDP.

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has revealed that several decisions made by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih are among the complaints registered with the commission regarding the presidential election.

ACC’s Senior Communications Officer Nisham Mohamed Didi, on Tuesday, said 61 complaints were submitted to the commission in relation to the presidential elections. They are;

Three complaints from political parties

Four complaints from Elections Commission’s Complaints Bureau

26 complaints from private individuals

28 anonymous complaints

Nishan said 29 out of the 61 complaints have been registered with the commission and are under investigation.

He detailed that the complaints pertained to bribery, influence and some decisions announced by the government during the campaign period including;

  • Abolishment of garage letter and MVR 10,000 fee for taxi registration
  • Increasing senior citizen allowance to MVR 7,000
  • Waiving interest on loads issued to SMEs
  • Introduction of allowance to principals working outside of native island
  • Step allowance to judicial staff
  • Various complaints over ‘Binveriya’ scheme

“The commission is probing these complaints, and undertaking work all work necessary for this purpose,” he added.

Nishan stressed that ACC will be adhering to the Criminal Procedure Act in probing these complaints.

He noted that all complaints submitted to the commission with sufficient information and fall under the jurisdiction of the commission will be registered, while complainants reserve the right to appeal any decision by the commission against registering a complaint.


As voting the runoff round of the presidential election nears, ACC had urged all to choose integrity in campaigning and voting, and to stray away from acts of giving a bribe or accepting a bribe.