Muizzu: Re-registration of over 25,000 voters ‘highly questionable’

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu addresses his victory rally in Male' on September 10, 2023. (Photo/Abdulla Shathiu Mohamed)

PPM-PNC’s presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu says it is highly questionable that 25,000 people would have requested re-registration in just two days.

Re-registration for the second round of voting in the presidential election opened at 03:00 pm on Friday, and will continue until 03:00 pm on Sunday.

According to the Elections Commission (EC), 25,493 voters applied for re-registration within the first two days.

9,206 voters applied for re-registration on day one, including 7,267 voters who applied online.

16,287 voters applied for re-registration on day two, including 11,082 who applied online.

EC said it has re-registered 10,271 voters, and rejected 1,546 applications due to incomplete information.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday, Muizzu questioned the numbers.

“It is highly questionable that 25000 people would have re-registered in just 2 days for the upcoming second round of the Presidential Election. This must be seriously looked into by all political parties, international monitors, observers and other concerned bodies,” he said.

282,395 people were eligible to vote in in the first round of voting – held on September 9. With 408 more people who will become 18 by September 30, total 282,803 people are eligible to vote in the runoff.