Car crashes into solar panels; causes MVR 200,000 in damages

A car crashes into solar panels at the Hulhumale' Highway on September 16, 2023.

A taxi travelling from Male’ to Hulhumale’ crashed into the solar panels installed at the Hulhumale’ Highway on Saturday, resulting in MVR 200,000 in damages.

The accident was reported at around 07:10 am on Saturday, and resulted in damages to both the taxi and the solar panels, but did not result in any injuries.

Ifad Waheed, the communications specialist for the Accelerating Sustainable Private Investments in Renewable Energy (ASPIRE) Project, told Sun that the accident resulted in damages to three or four solar panels, and caused additional structural damages.

Ifad said the accident is estimated to have caused MVR 200,000 in damages.

However, the solar panels are insured.

The accident is under investigation by the police.