PPM: Election can’t be won by promising shiny projects; Muizzu will win runoff

Mohamed Tholal, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's campaign spokesperson, speaks to press on September 13, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Maavee)

The opposition PPM-PNC coalition says that voters, despite attempts to dazzle them with the promise of projects, have proven they are far smarter, adding that their candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu will win the presidential election runoff later this month, with results that the current administration have no chance of matching.

In his first press conference after Saturday’s election, Muizzu’s campaign spokesperson, Mohamed Tholal said they had several concerns regarding the voting during the first round.

One of the concerns was the high number of invalid ballots.

Tholal said the invalid ballots included many votes for Muizzu.

“You, reporters who observed the election would have noticed that a lot of ballots with checkmarks beside the name of Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, candidate number four, were deemed invalid,” he said.

He expressed confidence Muizzu will win the runoff by a landslide.

“As the interim leader of our two parties, Abdul Raheem predicts, Dr. Muizzu will win the election by over 60 percent, In Sha Allah,” he said.

Tholal said that the MDP and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had suffered a heavy defeat in the first round. He accused the party of lashing out in resentment.

He accused President Solih’s administration of awarding land and running other projects in conjunction with the election.

He said voters were wise to the tactics.

“Even the people understand that electing Dr. Muizzu is how they will get the land. This is what the people showed. The people voted for Dr. Muizzu because they want someone who can accomplish what the people want, someone who can develop this country and serve its people,” he said.

Tholal said that it was important that voters employed in government institutions and state-owned enterprises are allowed to vote freely.

“No one will lose their jobs in Dr. Muizzu’s administration. They will retain their jobs,” he said.