PPM asked to vacate their main office

PPM main office. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyaas)

The owner of the building which currently houses the main political centre of PPM has ordered the party to vacate the premises.

The party activities of PPM are held at H. Hurafa. The party has been asked to vacate the political centre at a time when the party leadership and former leader Former President Abdullah Yameen have left the party.

Former Science Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamal, a senior figure in Yameen's faction, told Sun that as far as he knows, the centre was ordered to be vacated last Thursday.

Maleeh said that they were given until yesterday afternoon to vacate.

A person from PPM's leadership could not be reached for comment as no one answered the phone.

After leaving the party, Yameen started working on forming a new party last Thursday night.

The newly formed party has started work and its name and logo have already been determined. However, the party's name and logo will be made public only after the Election Commission gives permission to form the party.

The leadership did not seek his consultation and opinion and President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu does not answer his phone calls,  Yameen's senior lawyer Dr. Mohamed Jameel said on behalf of Yameen.