High-cost projects pledged for Kulhudhuffushi including international recreation centre

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at a campaign rally in Kulhudhuffushi City on September 4, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged a number of high-cost projects for Kulhudhuffushi City if elected for a second term in office, including the development of the recreation centre up to international standards.

Speaking at a campaign rally held in Kulhudhuffushi City on Monday night – the president described the island as one of the most important islands in northern region of the Maldives.

“The next administration we incept, by the will of Almighty Allah, will have the participation of Kulhudhuffushi City,” he added.

This was followed by a pledge of a number of high-cost projects for the city if elected for a second term. They include;

  • Reclamation to the extent possible in addition to implementation of shore protection
  • Development of a local commercial harbor, where local individuals and businesses can sell their products, domestically
  • Modernizing all roads and laying asphalt
  • Allocating Kunburudhoo for industrial purposes, so that the island may be used for building boats, storage and the industrial needs
  • Developing the city in a manner feasible to launch yacht marine and cruise line services
  • Building an access road north of the airport
  • Developing a convention centre
  • Developing a picnic island
  • Introducing a finance loan pack specialized for Boduthiladhunmathi
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at a campaign rally in Kulhudhuffushi City on September 4, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

President Solih cited boosing tourism in the region as the biggest goal once Hanimadhoo Airport’s development is complete.

“Our aim, first, is to create 5,000 beds in this region,” he added.

President Solih, citing well-off individuals had lived in the region previously, said this changed due to policies maintained by previous administrations.

“It was planned and carried out intentionally. To keep them inside the fist,” he added.

On the contrary, the president said the people wishes to move forward with development today.

He stressed that if opponents were to come to power again, they would centralize things once again.

The president said Boduthiladhunmathi, can now leave this dark past behind, and move towards building a ‘happy and peaceful’ Maldives.

“As I believe, this is a positive change,” he had said.

He emphasized that Boduthiladhunmathi cannot be developed without developing Kulhudhuffushi.

President Solih said the positive impacts of Hanimaadhoo Airport’s development will be felt within the whole region, where as Kulhudhuffushi would then become the biggest hub in the north.