Maldives National Museum reopens after renovations

National Museum of Maldives.

The newly refurbished Maldives National Museum reopen for the public on Wednesday.

According to the Heritage Ministry, the museum will be open on working days from 10:15 am to 03:30 pm.

The upgrade of the museum was financed with a grant from the Bank of Maldives (BML), the state, and the heritage trust fund.

The project focused on the care, preservation and display of the museum’s collection.

In addition to refurbishing the museum to allow display of previously unseen artifacts, the project also supported the development of a multimedia room to encourage public engagement on the country’s rich history.

The BML spent MVR 2 million on the project. An additional MVR 4.7 million was allocated for the project from the state budget, and another MVR 185,955 from the heritage trust fund.

According to the Heritage Ministry, the project also involved making changes to the space at the museum, upgrading the temperature system to a modern one, and installing a security camera network in order to reinforce security.