Muizzu: People saw both success, failed attempts to build bridges

Dr Muizzu in Addu City.

Presidential candidate and the current Mayor of Male’ City Dr Mohamed Muizzu on Monday stated that the people have now witnessed the success of building a bridge, along with a failed attempt as well. 

Dr Muizzu who is contesting the election on the ticket of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Peoples National Congress (PNC) is currently visiting Addu City as part of his campaign tours. 

Speaking during a gathering held in Hithadhoo, Addu City, he pledged the development of a bridge connecting Hithadhoo and Hulhumeedhoo. 

“Today we are seeing development in Maldives slide backwards by numerous folds. It needs to be brought back up. But that is something doable.”

Highlighting that the people of Addu had much hopes and aspirations for development, he assured that he would work towards making those dreams a reality. 

Muzziu also assured that a government formulated by him would carry out the Asseryri tourism project, and that they would be investing in it as well.

“[We] will establish 6000 beds in this city, and will assist you all in achieving this [Asseyri] project. About ten thousand employment opportunities will come from that.”

He noted that while the main seaplane hub was in Male’ region, with the integration of the Asseyri project, Addu will also be needing one. 

“Bringing a seaplane hub will not just benefit this atoll. Resorts in Fuvahmulah, Ga and Gdh will benefit as well.”

“If the people decide to move forward with us on this, we will ensure this is achieved.”

In addition to this, Dr Muizzu pledged to move forward with the bridge former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom promised Addu City in 2018, linking Hithadhoo and Hulhumeedhoo. He further said that this would not be done just for the sake of building a bridge, but this would be a link to development. 

Moreover, Muizzu said that Addu’s most significant needs were in housing, and employment opportunities. He pledged to provide this for the City. 

“Overall, we will conduct numerous projects for the development of this City, in various orders.”