All about cooking and food, from SS Media with Chef Maha

At the agreement signing between Chef Maha and SS Media.

An agreement has been signed between SS Media and famous chef, Maha Naseer, to collaborate on cooking shows.

Under the one-year agreement, SS Media will produce various cooking and food-related programs and other content.

These include various content broadcast through SSTV, Sun Online and SS Media's social media accounts and weekly columns.

In addition, fundraising CSR events are planned to raise funds for various causes have also been planned. There are also some activities to be carried out in collaboration with food import companies.

After signing the agreement, SS Media COO Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) said he hoped to bring content that will be received with interest by the audiences with Maha's experience and skill.

“We have started this project with the hope that we can bring many different programs, through chef Maha, for our TV viewers and consumers of our content through our various channels,” Mondhu said.

Maha said she will work with SS Media to bring different programs using the latest technology and food science.

“I want to bring the viewers of SS Media quality programs as SS Media has given me such an opportunity,” she said.

Maha is a chef that has studied creative culinary arts and cuisine in Singapore. Chef Maha, who is currently serving as the Secretary General of the Chef’s Guild of Maldives, is the first Maldivian chef to have achieved the title of Master Chef that is awarded by the Master Chef Society of the World.

SHe has even received the title of continental judge of the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS).

She has achieved multiple national and international accolades in the past year.