CMC awarded reclamation of Hulhumale’ for land issuance

Capital Marine and Civil Construction Private Limited (CMCC) awarded the reclamation of Hulhumale' for land issuance. (Photo/Urbanco)

Capital Marine and Civil Construction Private Limited (CMCC), on Monday, was awarded the reclamation of Hulhumale’ for the land which will be issued to recipients under the ‘Binveriya’ scheme.

The agreement pertaining to the project was signed during a ceremony held at Urbanco on Monday.

The area which will be reclaimed from Hulhumale’ is where safaris are presently docked. The safaris will be moved to Dhiyaneru lagoon, near Thilafushi.

CMCC, on Monday, was also contracted the reclamation Dhiyaneru lagoon, where a marina will be developed for safaris.

Under the project, CMCC will reclaim 62.6 hectares of land from Hulhumale’ Phase 3, 24.6 hectares of land from Dhiyaneru lagoon and 9.6 hectares of land from Thilafushi Area D.

The government has decided to issue land from Hulhumale’, Gulhifalhu and Giraavarufalhu. That includes 1,351 plots from Hulhumale’, 2,218 plots from Gulhifalhu and 5,432 plots from Giraavarufalhu.

The final list of land recipients under the ‘Binveriya’ scheme has been finalized, while the draw among the recipients has also been held. As per the Ministry, all applicants on the list will have land registered to their name before the end of the current term.