Fenaka office in Vaadhoo and Central Power Station in Faresmaathoda inaugurated

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih inaugurates the new Fenaka Office in GDh. Vaadhoo on August 9. 2023. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Wednesday, inaugurated the new Fenaka Office in GDh. Vaadhoo and Fenaka Central Power Station in GDh. Faresmaathoda.

The president visited both islands on Wednesday as part of his campaign tour of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

Vaadhoo’s new Fenaka Office, both modern and spacious, features a staff room, lobby, reception, meeting room, and guest room. The office was designed to provide a comfortable and efficient working environment for employees and serve the local community's needs better.

Vaadhoo Council President Hassan Abdulla told Sun on Wednesday that although the local community benefited from the services of the office previously, the establishment of the office has created new job opportunities.

Faresmaathoda’s Fenaka Central Power Station is also spacious and equipped with modern facilities and boasts a generation capacity of 1840 kilowatts, providing reliable electricity to the island's residents.

The President’s Office states that both facilities were developed as part of the administration's efforts to improve infrastructure and provide reliable services to the residents of these islands.

“Under President Solih's leadership, the administration has made significant progress towards achieving equitable development across all inhabited islands in the Maldives. This includes improving the quality of life for citizens and empowering them to lead dignified lives,” the office said.