Unlicenced motoryst who hit Hafeez remanded for 15 days

Motorcycle being driven by an unlicensed man which hit a pedestrian crossing the road.

The unlicensed motorcyclist arreated in connection to a dangerous road accident in which a pedestrian was hit, has been remanded for 15 days.

The pedestiran was indendified as Ali Hafeez who is a lecturer at Maldives National University’s (MNU) Faculty of Tourism and Hospital Studies (FHTS) was walking when he was hit by an unlicensed motorist at approximately 5:00am on last Wednesday morning near Redwave in Magu.

He was hit as he left the Sultan Adil Mosque located in front of Heenaamaage Parking Zone after Fajr prayers, and sustained critical injuries. 

Speaking with Sun, Maldives Police Services said that the man driving the vehicle was arrested on Monday, and was brought in for the remand hearing on Tuesday. The Criminal COurt subsequently placed him in remand for 15 days. 

Hafeez was initialy in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of ADK, and has now been airlifted to India via an air ambulance for further treatment. 

Sun has come to know that his flight departed at 1500hrs on Tuesday, to Chochin, India. A family member who previously spoke with Sun said that all expenses relating to the air ambulance was arranged.

A witness who saw the incident reported that Hafeez was hit by the 22 year old motorcycle as he crossed the road from the zebra cross. The motorcycle, was driven at high speed at that time, could not be controlled, which led to the collision. Hafeez was thrown to a distance on impact.

The family note that his condition remains serious. 

Hafeez sustained the most serious injuries to his skull and face in the accident.