Maafaru Hassanbe’s convicted killer, serving life sentence, released

Ahmed Naushad, G. Irufa, Malé, who was found guilty of the murder of Hassan Abubakr (Maafaru Hassanbe), Hiyfaseyhage, Noonu Maafaru, in 2012.

One of the two people convicted in the kidnapping and murder of Hassan Abubakr (Maafaru Hassanbe), Hiyfaseyhage, Noonu Maafaru, has been released from custody while serving a life sentence in connection with the case.

Hassan Abubakr was found murdered on the night of May 30, 2012. His hands were tied with insulation tape and had a pillow over his face.

Two men were convicted of terrorism in connection to the case; Ahmed Naushad, G. Irufa, Malé; and Mohamed Faisal, Everlast, Laamu Isdhoo.

The pair is said to have carried out the kidnapping and murder at around 1:00 am on the night of May 29, 2012.

Criminal Court found both of them guilty in April 2015 based on evidence presented at the court proceedings including confessions. High Court, when the case was appealed by both men, upheld the Criminal Court’s judgment citing no legal grounds to overturn.

Sun has learned that Naushad has been released from custody. However, the exact date of his release remains unclear.

Sun was unsuccessful in its efforts to obtain a comment from Maldives Correctional Service on the matter.

Naushad is the step-grandson of Hassan Abubakr.