Three Indians arrested for possession of alcohol on MTCC bus

MTCC's RTL bus. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

Police have arrested three Indian nationals after they were discovered in possession of a large quantity of alcohol on an MTCC bus.

The arrests were made on Saturday. When presented before the Criminal Court, two of them were remanded in police custody for 15 days. The remaining individual was remanded in police custody for five days.

The court order states that three of them were in possession of 23 alcohol bottles at the time of their arrest.

The arrestees have been identified as;

  • Emalumalai Thangaruj, 35 – Five 500ml alcohol bottles
  • Choatelal, 38 – Two bottles of alcohol
  • Sivanandan Chinna Thanbi, 30 – 16 bottles of alcohol

Two out of the three individuals are employees at Maldives Gas. Choatelal, who is not an employee of the company, has requested pardon as it is his first offense.