Construction worker mugged by masked men in Fodhdhoo

Sh. Fodhdhoo.

A construction worker in Sh. Fodhdhoo sustained injuries on Friday, after he was attacked by a group of masked muggers.

A local told Sun the men had their faces disguised. They arrived in Fodhdhoo on a speedboat on Friday night and attacked an Indian man who works in the construction of the island’s school.

The source said the men beat him up and stole his mobile phone before fleeing the island.

According to the local, the victim said he was attacked by at least three men, but could not provide further description of the muggers, as the road where he was attacked had been dark.

A construction worker is mugged in Sh. Fodhdhoo on May 19, 2023.

Fodhdhoo, a small island in northern Maldives, does not have a police station.

According to locals, police from neighboring N. Holhudhoo arrived 20 minutes after the incident took place.

However, the muggers had fled the island on the speedboat by then.

The worker sustained minor injuries in the incident, and was treated at the island’s health center.