No arrests yet in attack on MP Zareer

Mathiveri MP Hassan Zareer. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Police confirm they have yet to make any arrests in connection to the brutal attack on Mathiveri MP Hassan Zareer earlier this week.

Zareer had been at the Habibi Café’ and Bistro in Galolhu district of Male’ City when he was attacked by a group of five men.

The incident took place at around 03:30 am Monday.

Zareer sustained head injuries in the attack and was taken to the ADK Hospital.

Police said the suspects used a “dangerous weapon” in the attack.

A police spokesperson said on Wednesday that they have yet to make an arrest in the case. He said that the case remains under investigation.

All five of the attackers had reportedly been unmasked.

Zareer remains admitted to the hospital. However, his family reports his condition is not serious.