MP Zareer reportedly attacked by a group of five people

Mathiveri MP Hassan Zareer being treated at ADK Hospital for injuries after assaulted by a group of five. (Photo/MV Crisis)

Sun has learned Mathiveri MP Hassan Zareer was attacked by a group of five people.

A police spokesperson told Sun the attack was reported to the police at around 05:08 am Monday.

The attack took place at the Habibi Café’ and Bistro in Galolhu district of Male’ City.

Police initially reported Zareer was attacked with a sharp-edged weapon, but later amended the statement to say he was attacked with a “potentially dangerous weapon”.

A close acquaintance of Zareer told Sun that he was attacked by a group of five people who were not covering their faces.

The acquaintance detailed that Zareer was slammed with a hammer on his head causing a fracture and severe bleeding while they also delivered blows to his body later.  

Zareer was taken to ADK Hospital within minutes of the attack where he was treated. Sun has learned that the parliamentarian was facing difficulties in speaking following the attack. Therewith, he was not available for a comment regarding the case.

Police have made no arrests in connection to the attack. The case is under further investigation.