Hoadedhoo Council: 20-ton water not enough; more needed

G. Dh. Hoadedhoo. (Photo/Facebook)

GDh. Hoadedhoo Council, revealing the 20-ton water delivered for the island hit with a water shortage due to a long period without any rain had not been enough, has emphasized the need for additional supply.

Hoadedhoo was hit with a water shortage after approximately two months without any rain. Fenaka Corporation delivered 20-ton water to the island last Thursday to ease the shortage.

Speaking to Sun, Hoadedhoo Council President Hussain Warish said the 20-ton water would only suffice for two weeks.

“An additional supply is required though we now have water. Although sufficient for the moment, we are working on securing more water by the time we run out,” he said.

Warish detailed that 50-ton water has been requested initially.  He expressed hope that additional water is supplied to the island before the earlier supply runs out.

A plant established by the government to produce drinking water at Hoadedhoo remains broken since 2021; a huge concern for residents of the island.