Fenaka supplies 20-ton water to Hoadedhoo hit with shortage

G. Dh. Hoadedhoo.

Fenaka Corporation has supplied 20-ton water to GDh. Hoadedhoo which is presently experiencing a water shortage due to a long period without any rain.

Speaking to Sun, Hoadedhoo Council President Hussain Warish said approximately two months have passed without any rain in Hoadedhdhoo subsequent to which residents have been hit with a shortage of water since the beginning of Ramadan.

A plant established by the government to produce drinking water at Hoadedhoo remains broken since 2021. Therewith, Warish stressed that the water supplied by Fenaka on Thursday will somewhat ease the shortage.

In this regard, he detailed that water will now be available for residents at public tanks. He noted that efforts were also underway to transport bottled water cases to the island; a donation by a well-wisher.

Warish said that the water shortage was exacerbated by delays in the supply of water after requests to Fenaka and other authorities appealing for urgent supply at the beginning of Ramadan due to shortage. 

“Has been eased to an extent now. Shortage has now been eliminated as water is available from public tanks,” he added. 

The shortage comes at a time Maldives experiencing the most humid days in dry season.