One seriously injured in accident at Hulhumale’ Phase II

An accident between a car and a motorbike in Hulhumale' Phase II on April 20, 2023. (Photo/Social Media)

A car and a motorbike collided in a dangerous accident in Hulhumale’ Phase II on Thursday.

A Police Spokesperson told Sun that the accident which occurred near MPL flats in Hithigas Magu at Hulhumale’ Phase II was reported to the authority at approximately 11:45am on late Thursday morning.

The driver of the motorbike who sustained serious injuries was transported to Hulhumale’ Hospital for treatment. However, the spokesperson said efforts have been initiated to transfer him to ADK Hospital due to bleeding into the brain.

An eyewitness detailed the accident on social media – reporting the driver of the motorbike had been unconscious following the accident as he bled from both his head and nose.

A dangerous collision between a motorbike and pickup also took place near MPL flats earlier this month. A 59-year-old man injured in the accident passed away while being treated for his injuries at Hulhumale’ Hospital.

Road accidents always hike during the month of Ramadan. Subsequently, Police have previously stated that the highest priority will be allocated to maintaining the traffic flow this year as well.