Male’ runs out of Uchu-gifted coconuts; more on the way

Male' City Council's workers distribute coconuts to Male' residents. (Photo/Male' City Council)

Male’ City Council states they have run out of over 30,000 coconuts donated by business magnate Mohamed ‘Uchu’ Moosa for distribution to residents of the Maldivian capital during the holy month of Ramadan.

The city council said it has suspended distribution after running out of the coconuts donated by Uchu’s Champa Brothers.

Central Henveiru councilman Adam Rameez said 35,000 coconuts were distributed to Male’ residents.

Rameez said the council will receive an additional shipment of 15,000 coconuts on Wednesday, and will resume distribution then.

He said the council will also receive a large quantity of watermelons for distribution to Male’ residents Wednesday.

The donated produce is distributed among the people registered as poor with the Islamic Ministry before it is distributed to the general population.

The donation of coconuts by Champa Brothers comes after disease resulted in a shortage of coconuts in Maldives, pushing up the prices.