Caution advised over fake links under PSM’s name

Bank of Maldives' (BML) internet banking mobile application. (Photo/BML)

Customers have been cautioned over scams aimed at stealing internet banking information through phone calls made to them in the pretense of PSM; followed up by text messages containing fake links.

Bank of Maldives (BML) noted having received complaints from customers having lost money from their accounts after disclosing information and OTP requested through these calls. In this regard, they detailed having received complaints from two customers within the past two days after losing MVR 50,000 and MVR 75,000 respectively.

The bank’s Public Relations Manager Mohamed Saeed said that customers have been tricked into disclosing internet banking passwords, OTPs and similar sensitive information through coaxing.

A visa card of Bank of Maldives (BML). (Photo/BML)

Therewith, Saeed cautioned customers to be vigilant towards such scams. He also stressed that authorities will not contact customers seeking such information.

“Urging to exercise extreme caution regarding calls made promising big prizes or gifts. To keep in mind that OTP shall not be shared with the bank or any other authority under any circumstances,” he stressed.

Saeed also noted having received complaints from customers of not receiving purchased goods from online pages or any subsequent refunds in addition to dollars purchased from unknown parties.